Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bored Job's think about Life!!!

Recently, i read an article about the switching of job.

It describes that in your work, if you are thinking about what is the meaning of LIFE.... then its alarming that you have to shift your job inside the company or move to better a company.

Is it true!!!!??? Am i bored of my jobs and should be ready to change my job inside my company...


Balance Life

We should be able to balance ourself our work and the family.


I had enough time to write something , but i could sit and not able to write the things.......
but, earlier i had number of thoughts to be write in the blog... i don't have the time to write it...

Is this a LIFE ?

Friday, August 05, 2005

True Meaning of LIFE

I came across one article and want to share with you. Article is all about the meaning of true life.
Everyday get up, get ready for school, office or work, return home ,eat, sleep, watch television , go on the computer, talk on the phone ,eat dinner , sleep , get up the next day and repeat the same process again....

Is this for our life is made for....
No, it is not for mechanical life as a machine do it when switch it on and off. Then, what else in the life????

what a 100 year old person would have done this same thing for a hundered years!!!

There are our some people whose lives change when someone enters their life.... some lives change when they get more money .... while other lives change when they achieve their aim........ so until then they are living their life lifeless.... i wonder how many people are waiting for their lifes to get changed.

so that's life .... people who u talk to .... ppl who u come across.... ppl who u see everday ... ppl who might not hve any vaule in yourlife ...may actually mean the whole life to you! you might meet millions of people in your everyday life... they might say a billions of words...but only a few of their words will make ur heart play a note....

Then, what is true LIFE?

It may differ from person to person, context to context , environment to encvironment.
Is all are tring to live a TRUE LIFE???

Now,in my mind lot of questions are rising???. I started to thought what is TRUE LIFE

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Happiness in Life

It is difficult to find Happiness inside you, but it is impossible to find it outside.

Your desires should be in limit to your intellectual. If it go behind that becomes greedy… If it goes negative it makes you anger, moves the mind to a confusion state.

Outsiders cannot find an ambitious level of the other person.

Monday, May 16, 2005


If you love a Job, whether the job is giving more or less money then your LIFE will be happy. Health will be good.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

What is LIFE

* Life is the autoincreasing of mathematical beauty of ecosystems.

*All living systems are self-organised systems, more exactly, being organised by flows - of food, water, air, money, etc. If all of these flows would run out, nothing else can provide life.

*The meaning of life is to have no worries this can only be achieved if the prospect of death is absent from one's mind, I also believe that this question can not be answered fully and truthfully without the mention of religion, whatever your background be it religious or not we all pose the question at some point in our lives this is what brings us together humans, all of us black and white, men and women, this is why our world is a paradise, one which we must help to preserve. - words from 15 Year old boy.

Meaning for LIFE will be differ from people to people depends upon their approach.

I searched in the google for the meaning of life. Its amazing that 30,600,000 results found. There are also people cares about the life. The above are some of the meanings took from it.

Thoughts shared with my Friends

Life is like a war . whether it is success or failure , have to take it in a easy way to go ahead in the Life. You should not sit down if it is a failure. You should have a mind of taking it as a part of the Life.

In Life if everything is success , it won't sweet. If you have some failure , then only you know the sweetness of the sucess.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Life is for Love

If you want to be happy in the world , you should love all the things in the earth.